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VEVOR 5KW 12V Air Diesel Heater
VEVOR 5KW 12V Air Diesel Heater
VEVOR 5KW 12V Air Diesel Heater
VEVOR 5KW 12V Air Diesel Heater
VEVOR 5KW 12V Air Diesel Heater
VEVOR 5KW 12V Air Diesel Heater

VEVOR 5KW 12V Air Diesel Heater

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The VEVOR 5KW 12V Air Diesel Heater is a powerful and efficient heating solution designed for a variety of vehicles, including buses, cars, boats, yachts, motorhomes, trailers, trucks, and RVs. With a heating capacity of 5000W, this air diesel parking heater provides reliable warmth during cold weather, ensuring a comfortable environment for your journeys.


  • 5KW Heating Capacity: The 12V air diesel heater boasts a powerful 5KW heating capacity, providing ample warmth for various vehicle types, including buses, cars, boats, yachts, motorhomes, trailers, trucks, and RVs.

  • Versatile Application: S uitable for a wide range of vehicles, this heater is a versatile solution for keeping your vehicle warm in cold weather conditions, enhancing comfort during travel.

  • Air Diesel Parking Heater: Specifically designed as an air diesel parking heater, this unit warms up the air in the vehicle, creating a cozy and comfortable atmosphere for passengers.

  • Efficient Heating: The heater operates efficiently, quickly raising the temperature inside the vehicle and ensuring a warm and inviting interior during chilly days and nights.

  • 12V Power Supply: With a 12V power supply, this heater is compatible with the electrical systems of various vehicles, providing convenient and reliable heating.

  • Auto Boats Yacht Motorhome Trailer Trucks RV: Ideal for use in cars, boats, yachts, motorhomes, trailers, trucks, and RVs, catering to the heating needs of different vehicle types.

  • Easy to Install: The heater is designed for easy installation, allowing you to set it up conveniently and start enjoying the benefits of efficient heating in your vehicle.

  • Quiet Operation: Enjoy a quiet and peaceful environment inside your vehicle, as this air diesel heater operates with minimal noise, ensuring a comfortable journey.

  • Temperature Control: The unit comes with temperature control features, allowing you to adjust the heating level according to your preferences and the weather conditions.

  • Compact and Portable: Despite its powerful heating capacity, the heater remains compact and portable, making it a convenient and space-saving addition to your vehicle.

Experience efficient and reliable heating in your vehicle with the VEVOR 5KW 12V Air Diesel Heater a versatile solution designed for comfort during cold weather travels.

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