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Bean Bag Filler 75L
Bean Bag Filler 75L
Bean Bag Filler 75L
Bean Bag Filler 75L

Bean Bag Filler 75L

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Never have a flat bean bag chair again! With Posh Bean Bag Refill, it's easy to refresh and recharge any bean bag in an instant. Our premium polystyrene bean bag filler is soft and comfy, allowing you to sink into your bean bag chair and relax. We love how customizable buying your own bean refill is too! Whether you like your chair to be a little softer or a little bit firmer, it can easily be adjusted by the amount you use.

  • This long-lasting bean bag refill is created using a custom process of polystyrene bean expansion, which means that it's softer than the filling from other companies and lasts a long time.
  • It's also 100% recyclable if you ever decide you want to fill your bean bag with something else!
  • This 75Lrefill size is perfect for small bean bags, or you purchase two if you need to fill a large bean bag.
  • Easy to use: Simply cut off a corner of the bottom of the refill bag and your bean bag will look new again in no time!

  • Premium Bean bag refill: our Posh bean filler is ideal to build your own beanbag chair or fill bean bags such as Ace Bayou and Gold Medal
  • Lasts longer: Our bean bag fill lasts longer than the competition due to our proprietary bean expansion process for a longer product life.
  • All beanbag fill meets all Cal117 fire code laws 


  • Size: 75L beanbag refill should be adequate to replace foam in small bean bags.
  • Box size is 30in x 20in x 10in
  • Ultimate Bean bag filler: our filling is all brand new premium expanded polystyrene (EPS) bean bag refill and is 100% recyclable after use

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