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Heart Shape Rose Gift Box
Heart Shape Rose Gift Box
Heart Shape Rose Gift Box
Heart Shape Rose Gift Box
Heart Shape Rose Gift Box
Heart Shape Rose Gift Box

Heart Shape Rose Gift Box

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Delight your loved ones with the enchanting 24/18PC Heart Shape Rose Gift Box – an exquisite arrangement of artificial eternal roses that convey timeless love and beauty. Perfect for Valentine's Day, Christmas, birthdays, weddings, or any special occasion, this forever red rose bouquet comes beautifully presented in a heart-shaped gift box. Here are the features that make it a captivating and sentimental gift:


  • Heart-Shaped Rose Bouquet: The roses are artfully arranged in the shape of a heart, symbolizing deep and everlasting love.


  • Artificial Eternal Roses: Crafted to perfection, these roses maintain their pristine beauty indefinitely, serving as a perpetual expression of affection.


  • Gift Box Presentation: The bouquet is elegantly packaged in a heart-shaped gift box, adding a touch of romance and making it a ready-to-gift item.


  • Variety of Roses: Choose between a set of 24 or 18 eternal roses, allowing you to select the perfect size for your special occasion.


  • Forever Red Rose: The timeless red color of the roses conveys passion, love, and romantic sentiments, making it an ideal gift for special moments.


  • Versatile Occasion: Suitable for various occasions including Valentine's Day, Christmas, birthdays, weddings, or as a heartfelt gesture to express love.


  • Long-lasting Beauty: Unlike traditional bouquets, these artificial roses retain their freshness and beauty, making them a lasting symbol of your emotions.


  • Thoughtful Expression: The heart shape and eternal nature of the roses make this gift a thoughtful and meaningful expression of love and commitment.

Capture the essence of everlasting love with the Heart Shape Rose Gift Box, a stunning and enduring bouquet that transcends time and leaves a lasting impression on those who receive it.

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