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Neck Brace For Migraines
Neck Brace For Migraines
Neck Brace For Migraines
Neck Brace For Migraines
Neck Brace For Migraines
Neck Brace For Migraines
Neck Brace For Migraines

Neck Brace For Migraines

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Buy Neck Brace Now You Will Get A Cool Neck Brace Cover!

Special Note:

Only the Velcro of the blue neck brace is the Velcro of the baby diaper level , it does not damage the clothes. Please pay attention to your choice when you buy it!

What Problems Can Cause Cervical Spondylosis?
  • 1. visual impairment
  • 2. Dizziness, Headaches, Migraines, and Upper Limb Numbness
  • 3. Heart discomfort
  • 4. high blood pressure
  • (Cervical spondylosis can cause secondary hypertension, which is called neck-onset hypertension in medicine.)
  • 5. difficulty swallowing
  • 6. stomach discomfort

  • Compared with similar products, the advantages of our products:
  • 1. More Reasonable Design: Designed by a French professional protective gear engineer, the V-shaped curve fits the jaw perfectly.

  • 2. High-Quality Sponge: Made of medium density mixed sponge, which is soft and provides adequate support. It is not easy to deform with long-term wear.

  • 3. Flexible Without Losing Stability: Adjustable automatic sticky buckle design, to avoid neck stiffness, which is also comfortable at night.

  • 4. Fabric Advantage: Cotton/Modal, comfortable and breathable.

  • 5.Applicable A Wider Audience: There are a variety of designs, suitable for different needs. Different neck sizes and neck heights are available, suitable for more people with different neck sizes.

  • 6. Maintenance Is More Convenient: We will give you a nylon or cotton neck brace cover, which can be removed and cleaned.

  • 7. Fashionable And Beautiful: Our products conform to the aesthetic design, wearing it will not affect your image when going out.

  • 8.Easy To Carry: Our products are small, light in weight and easy to carry.

  • 9. Brand Products: Have design patents and quality assurance.


Range of Application:

  • 1. benign neck injury, brachial neck neuralgia and neck pain.

  • 2. mild cervical cirrhosis, chronic neck pain.

  • 3. all kinds of pain caused by cervical spondylosis and the regulation of joint instability.

  • 4. The treatment stage or after lifting the hard neck care.

  • 5. To relieve the pain caused by swinging.

  • 6. Support and correct neck posture, prevent chronic strain.

  • 7. postoperative care, torticollis, compression syndromes, rheumatic and/or degenerative disorders.

  • 8. Prevent your head from lowering (the habit of lowering your head when playing cell phones or reading books).

  • 9. prevent stiff neck.

  • 10. Available for office break by car or plane.

  • 11. It can be used as a scarf in winter to provide warmth to the neck.

  • Specifications:

  • Material:
  • Comfort Version Neck Brace: Sponge + Cotton + Nylon
  • Upgraded Version Neck Brace: Sponge + Cotton + Nylon + EVA foam
  • Dual-Use Version: Polyester + PP Board + Sponge + Cotton + Nylon

  • Note: Our products are transitioning from old fabrics to new fabrics, (you can get the old version, or you can get the new version)



Package Included:

  • 1*Comfort Version Neck Brace/Enhanced Version Neck Brace/Dual-Use Version Neck Brace
  • 1*Paper Ruler
  • 1*Cervical Spine Rehabilitation Training Booklet
  • 1*Manual
  • 1*Neck Brace Cover

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